Healthy Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins

This recipe hit the spot. I was craving something warm, cheesy, naughty and a little bit Southern but I didn’t want to break the diet. I stumbled across this recipe here, and while my photos aren’t nearly as pretty as hers, I guarantee it was just as tasty! I ended up using 3 sweet potatoes and only had one half myself / per serving with steamed green beans…so we have lots of left-overs (not to mention the scooped out inside that I’ve been serving as sweet potato mash with random meals).

Sweet potato 1


I followed her recipe for the most part except made the following amendments: Stuffed potato 2

  • I added more spinach to my chicken (even though it doesn’t look like it)
  • I didn’t stir the oil concoction through my chicken however I stirred through the spices
  • I would probably cook mine longer next time to make them more crispy