Raw Blueberry Cheesecake


With New Years resolutions comes the promise of eating healthier, making ‘smart food’ decisions and trying to avoid processed foods in general. As you may be aware – I am completely in love with raw, natural deserts. They are so handy to have in stock when you start to crave something sweet. This week I tackled a raw blueberry ‘cheesecake’.  I used a recipe from this fantastic blog – Deliciously Ella – and it was delicious (not to mention super healthy and incredibly easy).  The bottom layer is a wonderful combination of dates & almonds, the middle layer is a creamy combination of cashews, bananas, apple & cinnamon and the top layer is a smooth delicious mix of berries, banana and more cinnamon. Just divine! Now that the first raw cheesecake is under my belt, I can’t wait to start experimenting and creating my own recipes. Stay tuned.

Get the full recipe for this delicious cheesecake here: Deliciously Ella – Raw Blueberry Cheesecake



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