DIY Menu Board – Weekend Crafting

Every Sunday I sit down and plan our meals in an excel spreadsheet (slightly OCD) and shop accordingly. I began doing this because I was sick of wasting food (and money), throwing out perfectly good produce week after week. The initial ‘Sunday List’ took me a while to plan however over time I’ve become a pro. We have a selection of ‘hit’ main meals we cycle through and I usually try to incorporate 1-2 ‘new’ meals a week.
I stumbled across a ‘Menu Board’ concept on Pintrest and fell in love with the cute, crafty idea. I decided to recreate a menu board that would match our kitchen. Enter last Saturday’s project.
A couple things to note:
  1. I am not crafty, arty nor do I have any artistic ability
  2. The entire project cost me under $20
  3. Once I had purchased the supplies, it took less than an hour to create.
What you need:
  1. Picture frame (I don’t have wall space so I needed a stand alone frame). I purchased mine for $9 for K-Mart
  2. Background paper. Any craft / scrapbook store (spotlight) carries these sleeves. Mine was under $2.
  3. Lettering / Stickers. I found my lettering at Linen & Things and bought two varieties (one for capital letters and one for lower case letters) – cost was $2.99 each. I clearly didn’t think ahead as I required two ‘apital ‘S’ hence the wonky smaller ‘S’ used for Saturday and the capital for ‘S’unday.
  4. Dry Quick – white board marker. You can get these from Office Works for under $3.

  • Cut background sheet to fit frame
  • Add stickers as desired
  • Insert into frame
  • Mount / stand frame where desired.
Simple, effective and full of personality! Enjoy

5 thoughts on “DIY Menu Board – Weekend Crafting

  1. Great idea 🙂
    I too plan weekly meals. My eldest is just beginning to learn to read and this would be great as an added thing of interest she can practice reading at home. Hopefully it will have the added bonus of getting her more excited about dinner 🙂 thanks for sharing

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