To vegan or not to vegan?

I recently read an article that resonated with me. Mark Bittman, New York Time’s lead food writer decided to eat vegan every day before 6:00pm (and then he wrote a book about it). Reading about his journey I began to think to myself, what is a vegan? Sure I know being vegan means adapting a plant based diet – fruit, vegetables, legumes, no processed food etc.  But what does it really mean? Years ago (thinking at least 4) when my food journey had only just begun, I went out for lunch with girlfriends in Toronto. reFreshWe went to Fresh (Toronto’s original source for modern vegetarian food).  I remember leaving the restaurant astounded at how delicious and satisfying my ‘meat free’ meal had been  –  and I immediately went home and ordered the Fresh Cookbook: reFresh: Contemporary Vegan Recipes From the Award Winning Fresh Restaurants


Fast forward 4 years later and the book is still on my shelf. Looking back – I didn’t have the ‘food maturity’ to really appreciate what that book had to offer. I remember looking at it when it arrived thinking the recipes were long, complicated, time consuming and contained foreign species such as tofu (which I had never cooked). Would you believe I never tried a single recipe? Recently I revisited this cookbook with new eyes. The recipes look simple, delicious, clean and most importantly appealing. I decided to give myself a personal challenge. Eat more vegan. I’m not entirely sure if I want to jump in head first (I do love my meat), so I’ve committed to a regular weekday lunch.

 This week I’ve started with the California Salad. Basic, easy to make and really appealing. The home made bean pesto took barely minutes to make and is mouth-watering. I could eat it with a spoon.  bean pesto I’m really looking forward to branching out and experimenting with this book in the coming weeks. Stay tuned


6 thoughts on “To vegan or not to vegan?

  1. Hi K.

    Here’s a point of view:

    If you want to eat plant-based for health then do it whenever you want to, before or after 6PM.

    But if you think that veganism is a proper response to treating our cohabitors properly then do it all the time. As a moral matter vegan before 6 is as crazy as non-racist after 6 or feminist only on the weekends.

    (It’s strange that Bittman’s motivations seem ethical rather than about personal health but he apparently finds it OK to be less-than-ethical at diner time. Go figure!)

    Cheers from Aus.

    • Hi – thanks for the response & insight! I agree – Bittman’s intentions seem more for health reasons than the ethical debate. While I am still ‘new’ to the vegan scene, I am strongly against unethical treatment of animals, factory farming and excessive consumption of meat. I’m currently just starting my vegan ‘journey’ so we’ll see where I end up…. in the meantime I’ve started following your blog so you’ll probably hear from me soon. Cheers 🙂

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  3. That’s really great that you decided to give the vegan approach another try! I’ve had a failed attempt at going vegan many years ago, but I eventually revisited the idea, and I’ve been fully vegan for a year now! I even ran a marathon as a vegan since then. By the way, feel free to stop by my blog ( for more vegan and fitness inspiration!

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