Infamous First Blog

I guess the best place to start is the beginning…

IMG_0904My name is Kate and I’ve had a love / hate relationship with food since the very beginning. A more accurate account is probably a love / love relationship with food and a love / hate relationship with what the food I loved did to my body. Food has a direct correlation to my quality of life. I mean – what’s the point if you can’t eat cheese & drink wine?

The past 2 years I’ve ventured down the healthy, ‘clean’, raw eating path. And it caught me completely off guard.  I’ve discovered foods that I thought I hated, I really love. And foods I thought I couldn’t live without, I don’t miss. The thing is – a lot of the ‘healthy eating’ recipes tend to eliminate the excitement involved in cooking. Anyone can cook a chicken breast and steam some vegetables right? So this is where I’m currently up to in my ‘food’ journey.
I love cooking. I love experimenting with my cooking. And I’m open to trying anything once. I try to eat as healthy as possible…and when I’m craving something, I challenge myself to recreate a healthier version of the dish.Every day I look forward to eating. Every day is a food struggle between what fat Kate thinks she wants; and what skinny Kate really wants. I’m just trying to meet health & desire somewhere in the middle.

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